Eminem tattoo 'Proof' on his left arm

Proof (Left arm)

Eminem got this tattoo on his left arm as a tribute to Proof after his death in 2006.
The tattoo is the same exact tattoo that proof had on his arm.
RIP Deshaun Holton.

Eminem tattoo 'D12' on his arms

D12 (Arms)

Half of the tattoo, “D” which is on his lower right forearm represents his group “Dirty Dozen”
as well as his hometown, Detroit. The other half other the tattoo, “12″ is
placed on his adjacent left forearm.

Eminem tattoo 'Rot In Pieces' on the center of his belly

Rot In Pieces (Center of belly)

This tattoo is aimed at Eminem’s (divorced) wife Kim Scott. It pictures all the troubles Marshall
went through because of Kim, including their arguments. At this time, Marshall had broken up with Kim
and he didn’t intend to get back to her. It shows a picture of an open grave with the words “Rot in Pieces”
below. Rot in Pieces also represents a grave with Kim’s name. It had something definitive in the meaning,
but it is also the expression of a great pain Eminem was unable to swallow.

Eminem tattoo 'Hailie Jade' on his lower right arm

Hailie Jade (Lower right arm)

Eminem got this tattoo to honor his daughter when she was born, in 1995.

Eminem tattoo 'Uncle Ronnie R.I.P.' on his left arm

Uncle Ronnie R.I.P. (Left arm)

This tattoo pays respects to his uncle, Ronnie Pilkington, who committed suicide in 1991. Out of everyone
in his family, he was the closest with Ronnie. He was even the one who introduced Hip Hop to a young Marshall
at the age of 9. In the tattoo you can see a mushroom, flames infront of a building, and an eye of a women
overlooking everything which represents the girl who his uncle killed himself over.

Eminem tattoo 'Hailie Jade Portrait' on his right arm

Hailie Jade Portrait (Right arm)

This tattoo is of course dedicated to his daughter, Hailie Jade. There is a portrait of her with a few roses
beneath her as well as “Bonnie & Clyde” which is a track dedicated to his daughter as well from his Slim Shady LP.
Before getting this tattoo done, he had a tattoo here which simply said “Eminem”.

Eminem tattoo 'Tribal' on his left wrist

Tribal (Left wrist)

The gothic bracelet on his left wrist has no particular meaning, because Eminem forgot about the original
meaning of the bracelet. Probably because he was drunk when he got it done.

Eminem tattoo 'Slit Me' on his right wrist

Slit Me (Right wrist)

The tattoo was placed on his right wrist. It may have been related to his suicidal tendencies as well
as his failed suicide attempt after the release of his first album, Infinite.

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