Classy Nigg A

[Intro - Eminem & Obie Trice]
(Eminem) Yeah guess who's back mutha fuckers
(Obie Trice) Shady Records
(Eminem) Obie Trice... Shady(Shady)(Haha)
(Obie Trice)Lets Start This Shit Mutha Fuckas

[Verse 1]
My name is Slim Shady who would never thought these
mutha fuckers would act like a baby
(I'm Down Wit That) so who's the lady BITCH wake up
it's never a long just so pissed but he's so wrong
you pussy's are just fucked up I never asked why I
just tellin Hailie bye bye I don't need to lie just
for me to die (Gunshot) GOD DAMN shut that GOD DAMN
mouth bitch rip it off (Rip)(Gun Cocks) Homie(Damn,
Damn, Damn) you don't have to believe me just shoot
me kill me not with Hailie Ms.
or Mr. Bailie we be ballin around the party I Gym class
teacher (Fuckin Pussy) be tellin me I'm tardy
(Fuck You) you know why cause I'm just down with that
I figured the best cause I'm The King Pussy King Marshall
Mathers (Gun Shoots 3x).

[Chorus - Obie Trice]
It's Classy Nigg..a no matter how we do bounce right
up & down cause It's Classy Nigg..a
we down wit that It's Classy Nigg..a
It's so Classy Nigg..a
I've seen it Classy Nigg..a Nigga(Nigga, Nigga, Nigga)
It's Classy... It's Classy Nigg..a.

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