Rocafella Beat

[Eminem] ay yo Obie
show your teeth man
[Obie Trice] it's about to get real ugly man
shady records man
[Invasion] d-twizzy
[Eminem] cus we're smiling
[Obie Trice] eminem mutha fuckas
[1] 50cent
[2] obie trice
[3] lets go!

throw them hands up [uh]
throw them hands up [bustas]
throw them hands up [bitch]
throw them hands up [hoes!]
throw them hands up [fuck faces]
throw them hands up [dick riders]
throw them hands up [fake assed mutha fuckas
all y'all]
throw them hands up

[Verse 1 - Obie Trice]
you know how i be
high for V.I.P
i'll be in the club til I D.I.E
somewhere in the mix fucking with the
spitting at whore moody rain more
you talk shit i talk shit to B
you pull out a mag bare of bus so B
you pull out a mag don't buss Obie
faggot ass with the seasame
you know a nigger beemed up
hood tripled beamed up
ash on V's rolling on sprees - what
was that who what? ask Em i'll shoot ya
take on the barnuda get real of the madusa
lose for night track fifteen
i proved you mother fuckers that a screw
weren't tight
the eminem show for mic's in the show
o's all politics!

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